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Repairs & Maintenance
Ironbark decking is used on existing jetties where decking boards require replacing and turpentine for bearers and plank cap rails. Galvanized fixings are used unless stainless steel is specified. All timber is properly dressed and prepared as per Australian Standards.

New Construction
41 kg rail line (OR 150UCS) are driven to 2 metres or until a suitable set is obtained. Piles are then encased in PVC and concrete filled. Hardwood bearers and timbers are installed. We recommend the new Thruflow Decking as a durable decking solution. This type of decking has the approval of Department of Lands, Department of Primary Industries, NSW Maritime Authority and Local Councils. It allows the required light to penetrate to sea grass on the lakesbed below. All fixings used are stainless steel. All bearers are also painted white with 2 coats of Wattle Solarguard paint. (2 coats as specified in Dept of Lands License).
Piles can be raised above deck level to ensure that vessels can load and unload passengers in a safe manner during windy conditions. Piles will be finished with a fibreglass cone.
Our aluminium bollards and stainless steel swim ladders also make nice additions to a very functional Jetty.
(NB: For all jetties – A current license must be held with the Department of Lands for works to commence).


Rail line sections can be replaced or installed where necessary Sections can be replaced under maintenance.
Galvanized strapping can be used for concrete area’s that can link rail line to foreshore and lake.
(NB: For all slipways and ramps below MHWM – A current license must be held with the Department of Lands for works to commence).
Council approval must be sought for all new ramp constructions. A full submission can be prepared on your behalf for your development.


Cradles can be repaired or replaced. All our new cradles are fully galvanized and manufactured to suit specific vessel or be adjustable for varying vessels.
(NB: We recommend that you maintain cradles on a regular basis as they are very exposed to the salty elements of the lake).


We have a full range of 240 Volt electric winches to supply and install. Winches can also include the regular pendant control or remote control. Winch wires can vary upon request from galvanized or stainless steel. Winch wire lengths can also vary depending on length required. All winches come with a guarantee and back up service for repairs within warranty period.
(NB: We recommend that the winch house or boat shed are completely dry area’s only).


Seawalls can be repaired or replaced but only within local Council’s guidelines. Council’s recommend a foreshore stabilisation system be in place instead of a vertical seawall.
(NB: Council reference will be made for seawalls and foreshore stabilisation before quotes are provided. A current license with the Department of Lands for all area retained below MHWM must be held).